What I Want to Write

I am thinking about what my favourite genres are to read, and what areas I see myself doing well in.

Illustrated children’s books: I read these with or without children all the time, the art is a big part of what I like about them. I could illustrate my own stories. Growing up I adored Bill Peet and Dr Seuss for the use of rhyme, talking animals, and the pictures.

Young Adult: I want to appeal to people finding their place in this world, “coming -of-age,” showing them a real, raw, dark take on things that might not be as appropriate for young children. I would also want to add drawings and poetry.

Horror: I grew up reading as much Stephen King as I could get my hands on. I also liked vampires before they were so mainstream. In the 90s in high school I would’ve been classified as emo or goth but they didn’t quite have those terms yet. I’ve lost people recently and my paintings lately have been mostly about death and grieving.

Fantasy: I’ve read more of this genre than any other, starting with classic Tolkien as a child. I love magic, and mythological creatures. I started a short story about a dragon that falls in love with a boy years ago, and I’m working on it again. It could be my first novel.

Historic Fiction: I worked in a small-town museum as a student and it was one of my favourite jobs. I loved finding out about things that happened long ago, how life was different, and feel a connection to old objects. It would be fun to take a relic of the past and create a narrative around it.

Non-Fiction: as a teacher I am always reading and sharing non-fiction with my students. Sometimes I get “in the zone” and I start describing something in a more passionate and conversational tone than textbook, and the kids lean in and really pay attention. Usually in social studies; history and the state of the world.


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