What Are My Strengths?

I stopped by the library and checked out some books about writing and the publication process. It seems as though if I want this dream to materialize the first step is to read and write every day, and I usually do. The next is to “know your audience.” I originally thought of my students, but I suppose I’d like grown ups to hear what I have to say too! I am writing to children, teens, and myself and others like me. I suppose I’m writing to people just trying to make sense of it all.

I also have been going through my writing portfolio from University. It’s a gold mine of ideas and unfinished projects, but there is also a section of Reviews that my friends, roommates, professors and classmates wrote. Not only stroking my ego, the reviews point out my strengths as a writer, what sets me apart from others pursuing this path.

Creativity/Imagination/New directions


Conversational tone, say it like it is

Proofreading skills, strong speller


Risk taking/Raw, real, honest, dark

Mental illness awareness

Nature, environmentalism

Search for meaning/Insight


I am a Canadian woman who grew up in a lower-middle class single parent home, never having what the cool kids had, never feeling I belonged, bullied for my heritage/clothes/hair/weight/appearance etc, without many of the same opportunities. It has made me identify with the underdog, and reject the status quo for something better. I want all the young people going through all that to know they are not alone and that they will find their place.


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