Crushin’ It

It starts out easy enough.
You are sorting the pieces by shape and colour, you are grouping according to similar traits. As you join the items together, the pieces reorganize themselves and you strategically think ahead to make the most connections. Bringing them together to cancel them out. If you match a larger group you are rewarded.

The challenges increase in difficulty, until you meet your first failure. Suddenly the shape of the structure is different, not everything is accessible. There are new restrictions and obstacles, often frustrating. You can always try again, but sometimes you must wait. If you are financially affluent, perhaps you decide to purchase an easy way out, after a few free samples to see how beneficial they can be. Relief for your impatience, your need to restart and beat the level.

You don’t have to keep doing this. You could just walk away, but you are compelled to return again and again. You think of the quote by Einstein about insanity, doing the same thing yet expecting different results. But this is not the same. The way the pieces fall, the randomness of the colours, if you can just get a stripe or a disco ball. If you can just get two rewards to meet. Sometimes you begin with the opportunity to succeed, sometimes it can never happen. You continue anyway. Tasty!


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