Having interesting dreams is a sign of a strong imagination, something that will come in handy for creating other worlds, characters, and plot.

Things work differently in dreams. Every time I try and use technology it doesn’t work. People blend together so that they are two people. Place is even more fluid, you can be trying to get home from Calgary when all of a sudden you are driving an unfamiliar van to Calgary and it feels correct. So not everything about dreams will be like writing fiction, I still want things to make sense.

I have dreamed impossible things. Science fiction? Transporting to other dimensions via a secret tunnel in a closet, floating away up into the atmosphere and concerned I won’t get back down, running in gigantic slow motion leaps. I have been other people, I have died, I have seen several ends of the world. I have seen places in my home town destroyed, the bridge washed out, River Road torn to rubble by the hurricane waves of …the river? Well there was a flood happening at that time, and a lot of hysteria, the worst that happened to River Road was it maybe got a little muddy. It seems funny to me now, how I exaggerated the fear I had, but seeing the nightmare in my mind was truly terrifying.

I don’t usually remember my dreams. If I remind myself upon waking to try and recall my dreams before doing anything else, I sometimes catch a hold of a small detail which unwinds to reveal more of the dream. My friend Krista was there. She had false eyelashes. Where was I? It was a house I’d never been to. Maybe downtown, or another city. Or was it my mom’s house when I was a teenager? Because that’s where I was driving away from when I woke up. Something about a pelican statue.

I can’t help but try to interpret dreams even though part of me also believes it’s nonsense. Sometimes dreams are just dreams and have no meaning or prophetic vision. Krista was in the dream because I was thinking of hanging out with her soon. I was remembering the other day what it was like to have eyelash extensions, but they had to be short so they wouldn’t touch my glasses so it wasn’t really worth it, maybe if I could have had the really long ones like in my dream I would have kept them. Or do I think she is hiding something and wearing a disguise? Pretending to be someone else? Not likely, but I guess those associations are there kicking around in my mind. Love me some good symbolism. What do pelicans mean to me?

I will definitely be taking ideas from my dreams, and may start writing down the ones I remember. Maybe when I start collecting them my subconscious will start communicating even weirder stuff I’ve got in there. For a while I was having recurring dreams I was back with my ex, we were fighting, and his mom was there and she hated me. I was also having nightmares of my schizophrenic brother attacking me and my family. I stopped trying to remember my dreams after that, but I don’t think I’ve had a nightmare for a while. My therapist recommended not watching Criminal Minds before bed.


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