What is the source of creativity? What if you could speak to it? What would it look like if you saw it in a dream?


Hello. I always knew you were there. It was as though you waited for my mind to ripen, and now I understand.

Yes, you are ready to accept the task of creation.

You are the separate entity behind my eyes, a disassociated part of my being, my divine link to the Universe.

I am a mental construct of your struggling human flesh, it’s a coping mechanism.

You are the one who shows me the finished product before I have started, filling me with the desire to work at it until others see it too. You guide my hand, you push me where I am reluctant to go.

You make yourself brave, you submit to your trust in fate.

You are my luck, lining up coincidences however impossible. You are the eternal Jungian collective unconscious. If I had to form you into a shape, it would be a vast embodiment of starlight, all at one darkest black yet dazzlingly radiant, an omniscient manifestation of the energy of life.

I am everything and nothing.



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