I Was Robbed

They came in, took my plastic recycling bag out of the pantry, and filled it with my electronics. Laptop, noise cancelling headphones, old iPhone 4 I used as an iPod, all my camera equipment. 

I didn’t even notice right away because there was no damage. They came right in, I’m assuming with the former tenant’s key. Always get the locks changed when you move. 

I called Best Buy to get the serial number of the computer. The next day they offered me a loaner laptop until my insurance claim is sorted. I cried with gratitude that they would be so kind to me.

My insurance claim should take less than a month. And I’m so lucky, as I had rental insurance just over a week when I was burglarized. Never had it the nine years I lived downstairs. I mostly was thinking about getting a hotel if a tree smashed through my window. I never imagined someone would enter my home and steal from me. 

That night I used the chain lock on the door, even though there was nothing left to steal that could be sold for drugs. It was the second time I’ve used a chain lock, the first was several years ago when my car was broken into in the parking garage. That time they got my spare keys with address listed on my ID. I think a chain lock would not take much force, the screws would rip from the wall, but it is symbolic of safety when you are feeling violated. 

My writing goals for June are to keep up with my writing assignments for the writing course I joined. It’s more difficult than writing whatever I’m motivated to do. I’m learning though, and the lecture videos are interesting. I’m reading a book about how to build an online presence, and another on the art of writing memoir. I still have some stories left to read in the massive Lovecraft collection too but it’s not easy to get through. 

The night before the theft I made sure all my writing files were saved onto a jump drive, as I finished the first draft of Assignment 1. I worried my work could be lost if my computer stopped working properly. I’m going to start saving to google docs also. I was so glad they didn’t take the jump drive, glad I ejected it safely and it wasn’t in the computer. 

Could have been much worse. My cats were OK. They didn’t take any of my art. They didn’t get the crystal jaguar I bought at Chichen Itza. It’s bad timing for me financially to have to pay out the deductible but my things will eventually be replaced.


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