Feeling Devastated 

I thought all my writing projects were saved on my jump drive. The file names were there, but when I went to open one to work on it, it was 6 pages of pound signs. #######################

The person who broke into my home and stole my electronics stole thousands of words and ideas from me that the insurance company can’t replace. 

I still have my pencil-and-paper writing journal, and bits and pieces on the blog. I will be able to start again and rewrite everything. Like all my crops have been destroyed in a massive hailstorm, but will eventually grow again. 

I will be writing everything on google docs from now on, so it is saved to the Internet. I’m also glad I didn’t try to open a file when the theft happened, I don’t think I would have handled it as well. 

After three weeks I’m still waiting for the insurance company to send me a check for a portion of what was stolen, minus $500 deductible. Then I have to replace everything and send them receipts, and they send me another check for the difference. I remember foolishly thinking I would have everything back in a week. The police found fingerprints but they were not in the system, and they are probably mine as everything was recently handled during the move. I don’t think I’ll ever see my things again or anyone will ever be caught for it. 


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