Like Harry Potter, Without the British Boarding School

It’s the last week of school before summer holidays. I’m about to have more time for creative projects and I’m thinking of my goals for the next two months.

My dream would be to write and illustrate YA fantasy novels. Then I imagine touring schools and doing author readings and teaching writing workshops. So in order to advance toward this outcome, I need to wrangle in the ideas and start typing them out instead of just thinking about them. I need to have unpublished (unblogged) material to send out for submissions and contests.

The first step is going through the files that were lost last year. My laptop was stolen and all my files were corrupted on the jump drive. I was devastated, and I stopped writing for months. I started writing on google docs so that everything is automatically saved on the Internet, but not even that felt secure, like I could lose everything again so easily. On the jump drive, I see the names of the lost writing projects, and I have handwritten notes in my writing journal. I need to decide what is a good enough idea to rewrite, and what I need to accept as gone forever. During the summer I want to finish old projects and move onto new ideas.

I have started a separate blog for teaching stories called Today I Changed the World. I haven’t decided yet if I want to transfer all the teaching stories from this blog onto the new blog. Part of me wants to just leave it, and write any new stories on the new blog. The other part thinks all the teaching stories should be included. This may be one of my summer goals.

My blog of highlights from my facebook photo albums Recording Memories is up to 2011. I started in 2007, so I’m not even halfway. I plan to keep making posts throughout the summer, but not a specific goal. Every time I make a goal on this project I fall behind so I’ll just let it happen at its own pace.

I’ve been obsessed with gardening, foraging, and herbology lately, thinking about how the magic of plants was considered witchcraft. I began the idea for a story where a girl meets an old witch that teaches her everything about herbology. I was telling a friend about the idea, “like Harry Potter without the British boarding school.” Except my focus would actually be nonfiction herbs and how to find and prepare them. I would simultaneously be the girl wanting a mentor to teach me these things, and also the witch passing on my knowledge of the subject. In the illustrations, I could draw pages like a grimoire.







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